After my qualification for Open Water Diver in 2014 I stopped diving for a while. In 2017 I started again with diving and I was very motivated to bring myself to a higher level! In the meantime, I have completed 230+ dives and we will continue!


I’ve dived in different countries and in different locations. At the moment I’ve dived exactly in 41 different locations in 5 different country’s! My dream is to dive in Raja Ampat in Indonesia and the Red Sea in Egypt!


To connect the divers in the Netherlands, I have set up a community using the Discord platform. Would you like to join this Dutch-speaking community, click here to register and help grow the community!

My personal goal and project!


My personal goal

I’ve been psychologically damaged by my work at the Dutch National Police. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD. After the diagnosis, many treatments and eventually medical discharge, I experienced depression and felt like I was lost.

After research it turned out that diving was a good activity to relax and to enjoy life again. Now I have a new life purpose. I am partly trained by Serenad Diving Center and Kuşadası Diving Center as SSI Diving Professional. In May 2021 I finished my Instructor training and evaluation, in July 2021 All Stars Diving Foundation was a fact. Now I can help fellow sufferers with there training to be an Open Water Diver so they can also enjoy the diving community and hopefully it will help them to find more pleasure in life again!

All Stars Diving

We are always looking for donors and sponsors for the All Stars Diving Foundation. I can imagine that you first want to know a little more about my background, but also about the All Stars Diving Foundation itself.

Therefore I made a PDF document in which everything is processed. This PDF will be updated regularly so if necessary I request that you always download the most recent version!

SSI qualifications!

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