Who am I?
As the name of the website suggests, my name is Paul, I was born and raised in The Hague, in the Netherlands. This joyous event took place in September 1981. After my school period I started my working career as an ICT employee.

Soon I came to the conclusion that an office job was not for me and I finally chose to make a career switch towards law enforcement. In 2004 I started working at HTM personenvervoer N.V. where I was a special investigation officer and I was involved in checking transport tickets.

Despite this was a very nice job and I had many nice colleagues, I made the switch to the Police in 2006 because, in addition to enforcing the law, I also wanted to provide assistance. In 2010 I completed my training and I was eventually put to work at the Heemstraat police station, which has to do with the Schilderswijk and Transvaal districts within the working area.

Unfortunately, I received a medical discharge in 2018 because I saw and experienced many annoying things during my career with the Police that diagnosed me with PTSD. Due to this diagnosis I have many limitations that make me unable to work.

After my discharge, I went into depression and studied several studies in the field of PTSD. In America, it appeared that veterans diagnosed with PTSD benefited greatly from stabilizing their enjoyment of life by diving. Because I already had my Open Water certification, I decided to focus on diving and still have certain goals in life.

Thank you for your attention and interest,

My next goal
My goal was to become a SSI Instructor. With many thanks for Serenad Diving Center and Kuşadası Diving Center. They give me the opportunity to develop myself further into a Dive Professional and help me fully to reach a higher level! Thank you Adem, Tolga and Zeynep and the rest of the staff! In May 2021 I finished my Instructor training and evaluation.

The All Stars Diving project
I will not elaborate too much in the field of PTSD but I would like to refer to All Stars Diving. This is a project that I am setting up together with several partners and is now running as a pilot. With this project I try to support rescue workers on a therapeutic basis with diving. Mind you, I am not a therapist or psychologist, but research in America has shown that diving is a very good activity when you are diagnosed with PTSD.

My qualifications
PADI – Open Water Diver (2014)
PADI – Peak Performance Buoyancy (2018)
PADI – Deep Diver (2018)
PADI – Wreck Diver (2019)
PADI – Underwater Navigator (2019)
PADI – Night Diver (2019)
PADI – Advanced Open Water (2019)
PADI – EFR Primary & secondary care (2019)
PADI – Rescue Diver (2019)
PADI – Master Scuba Diver (2019)
SSI – Science Of Diving (2020)
SSI – Diver Stress & Rescue (2020)
SSI – React Right (2020)
SSI – Specialty Diver (2020)
SSI – Enriched Air Nitrox (2020)
SSI – Dive Guide (2020)
SSI – Divemaster (2020)
SSI – Snorkel Intructor (2020)
SSI – Blue Oceans (2020)
SSI – 50 Years (2020)
SSI – Marine Ecology Specialty Instructor (2021)
SSI – Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Instructor (2021)
SSI – Assistant Instructor (2021)
SSI – Diver Stress & Rescue Specialty Instructor (2021)
SSI – Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty Instructor (2021)
SSI – Dive Guide Specialty Instructor (2021)
SSI – Open Water Instructor (2021)