It has been a while, but after my return from Turkey it was not long in coming to take a dip in the Dutch water. Dominique realized a dive through the dive community on Discord that I set up. This dive took place yesterday in Zeeland, a south-western province in the Netherlands.

We eventually made two dives there together with Nick and Marcel. The first dive was at the Frans Kok Rif and the second dive was at the Gemaal, a few hundred meters away. It was a very enjoyable dive with a lot of underwater life. This was the moment for me to test my Sealife DC2000 camera in Dutch water. Despite the visibility in the Netherlands is less good than in Turkey, I think I was able to take some nice photos. Judge yourself…

It has been some time since I posted a story. This is because I have been busy in Turkey with my own development in the field of diving. I can say that, partly due to good guidance from Kuşadası Diving Center, I have obtained my SSI Divemaster qualification at Serenad Diving Center.

I would therefore like to thank Tolga Pat, Zeynep Erez Pat and Cem from Kuşadası Diving Center for their help in getting me ready for the training and of course Adem Gursoy from Serenad Diving Center for fine-tuning the skills to obtain the qualifications. .

I have spent the past few months trying to become an SSI Divemaster qualified. In the run-up to that, I needed a few more modules such as Science Of Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue and React Right. After passing this I was allowed to take my final tests/ exams on July 29, 2020 and obtained my SSI Divemaster qualification.

On July 10, 2020 we left by car to Turkey. Because we have friends living in North Macedonia, we decided to drive via North Macedonia. Of course we cannot leave North Macedonia without taking a scuba dive.

When I arrived in North Macedonia I did research on dive centers. The investigation ended quickly because there is only 1 (SSI) dive center called AMFORA. Once contact was made, a dive was realized in the short term, we could come on July 12 to make a dive.

When we arrived at the dive center, both the staff and the dive center looked professional, we were entertained and welcomed by Jovan Sekuloski and were quickly alerted to all safety regulations under COVID.

Jovan was just in preparation with some customers who came specially for a Try Scuba Diving and asked us to take a seat. Because I am currently training to become an SSI Open Water Instructor, this was a great opportunity for me to watch from a distance how he managed the Try Scuba Diving. What immediately struck me was the very professional, relaxed and clear way of explanation and guidance. A good example of how a dive instructor should work.

For my own development as a dive instructor, I have taken some points that I will certainly want to use myself when guiding (new) divers when I have obtained my certification as a dive instructor. I would also like to thank Jovan for this added value of this day, besides the fantastic dive of course.

After Jovan finished the Try Scuba Diving and we built up our equipment to start the dive, we were briefed about the environment, the underwater life, the history and of course the safety instructions. The dive could begin…

During the dive, Jovan showed us several pieces of a historical nature and also immediately explained what these pieces were for in the past. This immediately gave me the opportunity to go through my new camera, the SeaLife DC2000, and test its settings. I also want to bring back some nice memories of this beautiful dive site.

Jovan pointed out several times that I could take a picture and so I certainly did. Some examples can be seen below. Jovan was definitely not in a hurry and waited for me to finish taking the picture anytime.

The dive lasted almost 50 minutes. The depth varied up to a maximum of 19.8 meters. The temperature at the lowest point, according to my Suunto D5 dive computer, was 16 degrees Celsius.

In short, a very nice experience in a new environment that has been realized by a dive center and staff that I will certainly recommend to fellow divers.